torstai 23. huhtikuuta 2015

Zanzibar part. 2-3

Zanzibar has become one of our favorite places ever. We spent a week there traveling from Stone Town to Paje and finally Nungwi with our awesome German friends Wiebke, Mareike and Mira in the beginning of December. We had too much fun....tooo mmcuh!!!

IMG_1060 IMG_1059 IMG_1052 IMG_1057 Untitled Untitled

Here's a video of both of our Zanzibar trips combined! The next time we were there was the week after christmas we spent with Sanna's family in Pwani Mchanangi. We had an amazing time! No further words needed just look at the pictures :---) After Sanna's family left we stayed for a few more days, exploring Kendwa.

P1041274 Sami ja sen pikkusisko Unna<3 Kyllä, Unnaa luultiin 10-vuotiaan Samin pikkusiskoksi.P1041193 P1031169 P1031162 P1031153 P1031140 P1031137 P1031131 P1031130 P1031125 IMG_4989 P1031189 P1031097 P1021073 P1021061 P1021056 P1021043 P1021041 P1021039 P1021029 P1020995 IMG_4964 IMG_4903 PC310986 PC310972 PC310949 PC310931 PC310916 PC310897 IMG_1616 PC310867 PC300843 PC290824 PC290822 Untitled Untitled
Missing Zanzibar and our friends


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